The first Kookaburra Golden Oldies Team formed in 1983 was made up from the over 40’s from Kenthurst and various other interested players. Dave Thompson, who later became President of Kenthurst Cricket Club, was the initiator and organiser of the team. The current President is Gary Mundy and Mike Lee is the Treasurer.


The first GO Festival was held in Auckland in 1984 and the Kookaburra entered a team which consisted of eleven players supported by nine ladies. Since the inaugural festival, the Kookaburras have participated in all the GO Festivals.


Travelling to the festivals has given the team members the opportunity of playing cricket not only in traditional cricketing countries but also in such place as Hawaii, Vancouver and Los Angeles. Overseas travel together with the varied and ample shopping opportunity ensure there are always a lot of wives accompanying the crickets.


Other games are also organised on an occasional basis against other Golden Oldies teams and the Kookaburra Club is fortunate to have the Kenthurst grounds and Clubhouse as its home base. Many a good day’s cricket has been followed by a memorable evening! A regular feature each year is a challenge against the Parramatta Golden Oldies.


Golden Oldies cricket has offered manu opportunities to the average cricket to play with and against former test cricketers.


At our home ground at Kenthurst we have entertained teams from all over the world and the Kookaburras certainly reflect the Golden Oldies motto

                              Fun, Friendship and Fraternity