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Wet Weather

It is highly unusual for councils to close grounds for wet weather in the summer. The decision to play is left with the club and therefore each team.

In Non Competition Age Groups U8's to U9's it is best advised to use your contact sheets with the opposition. If you are the home team a trip to the oval an hour or so before the game by the coach or manager can save 20 kids and parents turning up to an unusable ground. You can then relay the information to your own team and to the opposition. Likewise if you are the away team try to get in touch with the opposition early and see if they will visit their oval.

In Competition Age Groups U10's to U17's. You will need both teams to turn up to the ground. It is then decided between the coaches from both teams wether the ground is fit for play. The HKHDCA rules outline the process for this decision so please refer to them.

Lightning Policy

In the event of an active thunderstorm or electrical storm in the immediate vicinity of the ground, play is to cease IMMEDIATELY and all players and umpires are to find safe shelter without delay. (Safe shelters include cars or large substantial buildings with electric or telephone wiring and/or plumbing that provides a safe current to the ground. Players and others should not remain in open areas or take refuge beneath trees.)
Play should not resume less than 30 minutes after the last lightning strike.
To determine what is Immediate players and Umpires should follow the 30/30 rule. Play should stop when flash to bang count is 30 seconds or less, since this indicates that lighting is 10km away, and associates significant risk that the next lightning strike could be at observer’s location.

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